Are your AliExpress shipments delayed or missing due to COVID-19?

With shutdowns occurring worldwide due to COVID, it’s inevitable that component and product shipping will be impacted. This is a quick article to talk about the specific challenges we’ve faced at Verdi as a hardware startup ordering from AliExpress, and what we’ve learned.

At Verdi, we source many product components from AliExpress, meaning we regularly ship from China to Canada. With pandemic-induced shutdowns, however, we’ve had packages disappear off the map and get shipped back to the supplier. From what we’ve heard, we are not the only ones experiencing this problem.

So we dug deeper into the problem. We spoke to suppliers, couriers, and national mail carriers. We’ve compiled our findings below. For reference, we used AliExpress Premium shipping as it was was one of the fastest/cheapest options. Our findings may or may not apply to other AliExpress-affiliated shipping options as well (ex. ePacket).

A few findings:


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